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Still on the subject of trading cards, I’ve long been the proud owner of a pack of David Gauntlett’s social theorists trading cards.

David is also responsible for two fully poseable action figures of Anthony Giddens and Michel Foucault. The cards might have more practical uses but these would go very nicely with the Librarian action figure (if they were real that is).

Is there a serious point to this? What can you actually do with the cards, other than use them as very basic exam crib-sheets? Perhaps it is in framing a discussion? You could literally play your cards so that whoever you are talking to knows that you are starting from a Marxist position with a bit of bell hooks thrown in, and that their Neo-Con argument is going to get them nowhere.

Which may sound a bit silly and pointless and that was the reaction of some health professionals to Red’s Diabetes Agenda Cards . Red argue the cards ” allow patients to set the agenda for their consultation; getting to the heart of the problem in the first few minutes of a typical diabetes check-up and freeing up valuable consultation time to work on solutions”. And that is using models from play to solve some very serious problems indeed.

Written by Karen

April 26th, 2007 at 11:58 am

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