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energy saving top trumps

These came in the post yesterday from British Gas. They were part of a ‘Green Survival Pack’ which contained two energy saving light bulbs, the top trumps, some ‘helpful’ stickers to remind you to switch stuff off and some other bumph.

Energy saving top trumps

I like the attention to detail. These aren’t just a set of cards about the topics but genuine Top Trumps so you could conceivably have a game. I can just imagine the despair when you’ve got ‘install solar panels’ and you have to pray your opponent choses CO2 Savings because you’ll lose on practically every other comparison. Loft insulation looks like a pretty safe bet though.

I’ve already learnt that a draught excluder will save more energy than unplugging my mobile charger or not overfilling the kettle. More support for my theory that you can teach most things with Top Trumps.

You can get a pack at www.toptrumpstrust.com

Written by Karen

July 3rd, 2007 at 11:41 pm

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