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future of sleep

FringeHog has been thinking about breaking the sleep barrier:

“In 2020 imagine that a 17-hour work day is the norm: business, home life, school and recreation all blend together in seamless shifts of just a few hours each. The sleep patterns of knowledge workers could be mapped, networked and optimized to create a truly 24/7 company. Gone are excuses that we simply “don’t have the time” to work out, or read, or learn another language. Freed from the biological mandate of sleep, could we become a more creative society?”

This sounds like adding extra lanes to the motorways. There must be a chance that cutting out sleep will just mean more time available to work, which a few will utilise to get ahead and then everyone else will join in.

Written by Karen

February 16th, 2008 at 10:16 am

Posted in speed