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junior IA role @ unknown agency

Ecom are advertising for junior IA role (amongst others) at an un-named agency.

Do you know digital media inside out or have a genuine interest in learning more about it, do you know production and interaction design inside out or wish to find out more?

Are you brimming with energy, creativity and enthusiasm? Are you totally passionate about user experience and information theory?

Are you capable and confident enough to get the best in information architecture and user experience from any brief across a range of large brand clients andsectors, and do you want the opportunity to do so?

Do you have an aptitude for getting stuck in, stacks of initiative, emphasis on quality, delivery and client satisfaction whilst keeping innovation and the user journey at the fore are all part of the deal. Yes? Then get in touch!

I was confused by the requirement to ‘know digital media inside out’ and then realised they are using this same description for mid-weight and senior IA roles at the same company. They also seem to have a very precise salary scale: junior = 27k, midweight = 37k, senior = 57k.

( Don’t bother going to the Ecom website. They must have spent all the web budget on the pretty flash animation of falling leaves and didn’t have any money left to post job opportunities on their own site. )

Written by Karen

May 10th, 2008 at 5:36 pm

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