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With all this fussing about professional identity at work, starting my archaeology course, and reading this

“Prolific artists don’t question their artistic identities. They own the title of artist, writer, musician, etc. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important. Prolific people aren’t shy about what they do, or about their love of art. When they have corporate jobs they tend to view themselves as writers with desk jobs rather than a corporate employees who also write. “

…I realised I couldn’t pin down that sort of identity.

Somehow this morphed into writing down a list of everything I have formally studied over the years. As one angle on trying to see if there is a picture:

physics, chemistry, biology, maths, english lit + lang, french, geography, graphic product design.

physics, maths, english (and more maths)

BA Communications with Philosophy

(by year and then in descending grade order)

  • reason and argument
  • history of science B
  • technology and society
  • history of science A
  • intro to practical philosophy
  • intro to theoretical philosophy
  • the mind
  • communications in the modern world
  • philosophy of science
  • audio-visual communications

(sucked at my major, ok in my minor, excelled in my electives – doesn’t bode well for judgement)

  • political communications
  • modern political philosophy
  • social communications
  • communications arts
  • meaning and truth
  • theories of meaning
  • modern moral philosophy
  • communications sciences and technologies
  • technology and society
  • film theory and aesthetics
  • media ethics
  • advanced topics in political philosophy
  • communications theory
  • matters of life and death 1
  • matters of life and death 2
  • philosophy of science 3

MSc Information Science

  • dissertatation – organisation of newspaper websites
  • fundamentals of information science
  • principles of knowledge organisation
  • media information
  • information retrieval systems and applications
  • data representation and management
  • research and communication skills
  • information resources and users
  • advanced online retrieval
  • information law and policy
  • information management and records

Open University

  • fossils and the history of life
  • life in the oceans
  • studying mammals
  • starting with psychology
  • archaeology

Any themes? Well I’m good at logic, maths & organising stuff. I like science, but particularly the history and sociology of it. I find politics interesting enough to get good grades.

There are always some random courses in there: graphic product design, english, film theory. And film theory was one of my best grades ever.

Perhaps I’m just a serial student.

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May 27th, 2008 at 2:49 pm

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