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sheep in a box

We’ve got in the habit of buying whole pigs direct from the farm but I’m more comfortable buying supermarket lamb (they don’t tend to be intensively farmed either way). Mutton, however, is still a rarity in the supermarket so we’ve shelled out on a whole sheep, which comes as:

Pile of mutton

Also known as:

  • 4 Leg Joints
  • 4 Shoulder Joints
  • 10 – 14 Loin Chops
  • 12 Cutlets
  • 4 Chump Chops
  • 4 Pieces Scrag End
  • 2 Breasts Rolled
  • 2 Kidneys
  • 1 Liver

All in all, about 20kg of the stuff. That should see us through to pig-time.

Written by Karen

August 9th, 2008 at 6:40 am

Posted in food,thrift