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Our latest FUMSI manage article is by Silver Oliver and about the Semantic Web, which he introduces as follows:

“The goal of the Semantic Web is to enable people to share structured data on the Web as easily as they can share documents today.


‘The current Web is a Web of documents where documents (Web pages) are connected by embedded Hyperlinks (links). Thus when you click on one document, the result is a single step Web transversal to another document. This widely understood, and accepted, Web interaction pattern is facilitated by a resource locater called a Uniform Resource Locater (URL) and a messaging protocol known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).’

 Deploying Linked Data

We all know how successful this has been as a model because of its openness and simplicity. The Semantic Web builds on the things that made this model successful for publishing documents, but instead uses it for the publishing of structured data.”

Read the whole article: How the Semantic Web Will Change Information Management: Three Predictions

Written by Karen

October 12th, 2008 at 6:16 am

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