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bah humbug

My colleagues and I are getting chided for not having put Christmas decorations on our bank of desks. I sit with the finance team at the moment and some have suggested the absence of Christmas cheer reflects on our personalities.

Personally I’m just a traditions pedant. Decorations are for Yuletide/Twelvetide not Advent. They go up on Xmas eve and come down on Twelfth Night (perhaps under the eye of the Lord of Misrule?).

Just as it is bad luck to leave them up after that, it is bad luck to bring evergreen decorations into the house earlier. I suppose technically you could get away with tinsel but not the tree.

In spite of PW’s new career choice, we’re not getting a Christmas tree (although he might swipe us some mistletoe). I’m going to bring a potted twisted hazel in and hang some baubles on it.

(random Christmas related fact: today is Poinsettia Day)

Written by Karen

December 12th, 2008 at 10:04 pm

Posted in tradition