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redesigning NTEN.org

The Nonprofit Technology Network have been sharing lots of info about their ongoing site redesign:

We’re going to make sure our site architecture is sound before we worry about making it purty.

The story so far:

* We started with a card sort. Rebecca Sherrill, our Information Architect at Beaconfire, has written a terrific synopsis of that process, with definitions, a walk-through of the process, and an overview of the findings. You should read it.

* Building on the results of the card sort and an Audience Matrix (Excel) we had filled out earlier, Beaconfire produced a draft site map. Holly and I worked with them in a conference call to revise the map (PDF), then brought the entire staff into the process during our weekly staff call.

Beaconfire now has our feedback, which they’ll use to refine the site map, then produce a wireframe version of the site.

via Redesigning NTEN.org: of Card Sorts and Site Maps | NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network.

Written by Karen

July 20th, 2009 at 6:14 am