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the charity employee

Working for a charity is rather different from any of my previous jobs. In spite of having mostly worked for the Queen my current job is the first one that is funded by people voluntarily handing over their cash because they wanted us to help someone else who is in need.

That has a subtle impact on your attitude to spending the organisation’s money. I’ve become more interested in alternatives to conferences, historically one of my more extravagant uses of my employers cash. And on projects it makes me far more focused on value for money…which also helps with maintaining a “more is less” attitude to interface design.

I’m also conscious that I’m a big expenditure for the organisation, so I’m getting  better at saying “I’m paid to make this decision, so you really need to take advantage of my expertise here”.

Written by Karen

August 25th, 2009 at 6:06 am

Posted in charity,work