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search forms on online shops

I’ve been thinking about the search functionality for our online shop this week. I’ll write up our approach to search properly at a later date but for now I thought I share the variety of search forms I’ve seen on other online shops.

E-commerce search forms: simple boxes

E-commerce search forms: labelled boxes

E-commerce search forms: scope drop-downs

E-commerce search forms: guidance text

Some things of note:

  • The longer search boxes were mostly on book sites.
  • 3 sites also offered “suggestions as you type” (Amazon, Borders, Ocado)
  • Only 1 site had an obvious link to an advanced search
  • All sites handled scopes with a dropdown

(Visio stencil is from GUUUI)

Written by Karen

September 4th, 2009 at 6:34 am

Posted in e-commerce,search