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content strategy: another job title in the mix

A good while back, Chris Sizemore pointed me at Rachel Lovinger’s article Content Strategy: The Philosophy of Data.

He thought I might find it interesting as Rachel’s take on content strategy overlapped alot with how my IA team at the BBC had formed, as opposed to IA out in the digital agency world. Our heartland was content management and search, we did content audits, metadata models and were entranced by visions of linked data. We were part of a wider UX team, but it was an often difficult relationship, with many designers (UX or otherwise)  seeing us as cuckoos in the nest.

You’ll have probably noticed that I’m uncomfortable with the growing voices within the IA community to re-brand us all as UX designers. And I was struck by Rachel’s comments on her blog that a discussion of URIs didn’t seem at home at the IA summit . That’s led me to have a better look at what is going on in the content strategy field than I did when Chris first told me I ought to.

So as well as Rachel’s article, here’s some content strategy reading material

Apologies to those of you who still find IA a new-fangled job title.

Written by Karen

September 29th, 2009 at 6:34 am

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