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on owning a puppy and an iPad

Last April I wrote about how I’d rather have a puppy than my iPad. Now I have both!

This is Finchley (on the left):

Comparing beards

So those benefits of a puppy reviewed:

  • I do get more exercise. The accuracy of my ball throwing is also improving.
  • I do need less heating, but only in the morning. Finchley is not willing to be a lapdog after noon.
  • On the vacuuming topic, I’m an idiot. Whilst it is true than Finchley hoovers food from the floor she often does so whilst depositing a baffling amount of dog hair and sawdust. Luckily she is pretty much Roomba compatible.
  • Upfront costs were cheaper than iPad but not as cheap as a rescue dog (she’s an intentional cross-breed rather than any old mutt).
  • The ongoing costs have indeed been substantial including vet bills for having excessively long ear hairs, medication to counter the horrific consequences of the puppy being an ‘indiscriminate eater’ and the cost of providing decent food (this is a much more compelling imperative for a pet whose poo has to be picked up in little plastic bags).
  • I did not die from the excitement but I do bounce with happiness more than I did 6 months ago.


Written by Karen

May 8th, 2013 at 2:03 pm

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