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Intranets are not the sexiest of IA projects so they seem to get a bit neglected with few articles and conference presentations on the topic. Lots of IAs work on intranets though and there are some good resources if you know where to look:


If you are working with intranets then StepTwo are your friends. James Robertson has a new book out called What Every Intranet Team Should Know but there’s also plenty of free resources on their website. Some of my favourites include


Nielsen sell intranet usability reports but Alertbox also does occassional pieces on Intranets including:

Intranet names

Naming the intranet seems to be a perenial problem. Have a look at Intranet Matters’ list of Intranet Names


Patrick Walsh‘s is a BBC IA with a special interest in intranets. Lots of thoughtful and detailed reflections on intranets on his blog.


Boxes and Arrows articles

Other resources

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June 14th, 2009 at 2:34 pm

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