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search logs – what are people searching for

This article is part of a series about search log analysis which includes bounce rates, spotting real opportunities and the geographical element.

As I explained on Friday I’ve been categorising the top 500 referring keywords for RNIB.org.uk.

Before I did the categorisation, Helen Keller and RNIB were far and away the biggest referrers. Both are a magnitude of 10 larger than any other individual query. But the third largest query is for Glaucoma and other specific eye conditions appeared frequently throughout the logs (as do a multitude of Helen Keller related queries) so I was interested in other significant types of query.

So after my arbitrary categorising I ended up with these types (these are not actual keywords):

  1. Helen Keller
  2. Specific eye conditions
  3. RNIB
  4. Welfare support and benefits
  5. Keyboard shortcuts
  6. Eye tests
  7. Equality and disability rights
  8. Fundraising ideas
  9. Louis Braille
  10. Talking Books

(these ten cover about 50% of all the keywords)

As I said earlier the categories are a bit arbitrary. I could easily have grouped eye conditions and eye tests into ‘eye health’ and Helen Keller and Louis Braille could be “historical figures”. The categorising helps more as a activity for immersing myself in the full 500 list and getting a feel for what is significant in the logs.  The actual rankings are a bit of a red herring.

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Written by Karen

March 23rd, 2009 at 6:56 am

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