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i am a UX penguin

I’ve chatted to lots of friends who went to the IA summit and read some  of the threads afterwards.  I’m glad I didn’t go. The whole “we’re all just UX” debate  kind of makes me unhappy.  I’ll try and explain why.

It is all about the sparrows. If you don’t  get the reference then we probably don’t share a canon. And that’s part of the point too.

Sparrows are your archetypal bird. I’m not a sparrow in the IA world (never did much in the way of wireframing)  but I’m maybe a chicken. Not quite the first bird a little kid would think of but still quite clearly a bird.

But in a UX community I am different . Compared to the UX sparrow, I’m a penguin. I’m a bit of a weird bird.

Generally it is a bad sign if your professional community makes you feel like a weird bird.

Written by Karen

April 14th, 2009 at 6:00 am